Monday, March 2, 2015

The Lip Product Tag

Favourite balm or treatment: Lip balm; EOS Lip Treatment; Blistex
or anything strong for when my lips are really dry! 

Best eye catching red: I don't like wearing a bright eye catching red, if
I do it has to be a buildable red that isn't too eye catching so I can 
apply very lighty. I'd have to say Revlon's Lip butter in the shade
Candy Apple or Red Velvet are both nice red shades that I can
choose the intensity I want.

Favourite pink: Airy Fairy-Rimmel & Primrose Revlon

Favourite nude: MAC's Hue, Kat Von D's Agatha Lipstick, L'Oreal's
 Fairest Nude & L'oreal's Sheer Linen are all very nice nude shades.

Best luxury lipstick: I don't necessarily think I own a ''luxury'' lipstick.

Best MAC lipstick: There is just so many! I'm pretty sure everyone
can agree with me. But, I'd have to say I've been wearing the shade 
''Brave'' quite a lot lately!

Favourite gloss: I don't really have one so far, I rarely ever 
wear a lip gloss because I personally like to keep a 
matte/glaze finish, but not glossy!

Favourite Spring/Summer shade: Creme Cup -MAC

Favourite Autumn/Winter shade: MAC's Whirl Lip Liner With
MAC's Brave Lipstick!

Lip liner: yes or no?: Yes

I tag all of you to do this tag. xx


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